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Dec 16 2009

Homemade Kahlua

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3 cups of brown sugar 2 cups of water Boil sugar and water together for 8 min. Once this has cooled, add the rest of the ingredients. 26 oz. of vodka 6 Tbsp of instant coffee (Starbucks) 2 tsp. of vanilla 1/2 cup of dark rum This makes 2 26oz bottles. It is ready immediately. […]

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Dec 04 2009

Christmas Eggnog (no eggs)

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1 40 gram pkg. of vanilla pudding 4 tsp. of vanilla 2 tsp. of cinnamon 1 tsp. of nutmeg 8 cups of 3% milkĀ  (1/2 gallon) Mix well and store in the fridge. Mix with 1 oz. of spiced rum per glass or plain. Sprinkle with nutmeg. Serve with a candy cane or a cinnamon […]

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Dec 04 2009

Betty’s Irish Cream

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1 1/2 cups of rye 1 cup of cream 1 can of sweetened condensed milk 1 tsp. of instant coffee 2 tsp. of chocolate syrup 2 eggs (optional) Blend rye and eggs well. Add rest of ingredientsĀ  and mix well. Pour into a bottle and store in the fridge. Use before the expiry date on […]

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Nov 28 2009

Friendship Spiced Tea

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1- 24 oz. pkg. of lemon drink mix 1-48 oz. pkg. of orange tang mix 3/4 to 1 cup of sugar or 1/2 cup of splenda 1/2 cup of instant tea 2 tsp. of cinnamon 1 tsp. of ground cloves Mix 2-3 tsp. in a cup with boiling water. This spiced tea makes a nice […]

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Nov 24 2009


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milk ice cream Flavors of choice chocolate syrup carmel syrup strawberries vanilla extract blueberries raspberries butterscotch syrup saskatoon berries peaches black berries mangoes bananas Add milk and ice cream to your blender and what ever flavor you like. Blend well and taste often to make sure it is just right. Enjoy! BT Related Recipes:No Related […]

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Nov 23 2009

Holiday Punch

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2 cups of fresh or frozen cranberries 2 L. of ginger ale 2 cans of frozen cranberry juice 2 cans of frozen lemonade 6 cups of water Make a ice ring using some of the lemonade and 1 cup of cranberries I use a angelĀ  food cake pan for the ice ring, freeze overnight. Mix […]

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