Easy Fresh Homemade Mexican Salsa Appetizer Recipe (Pico de gallo)

Fresh Garlic – 5 cloves

Fresh Cilantro – one whole bundle

Fresh Tomatoes – 10 medium sized

Fresh Limes – 3 (to taste)

White Onions – 2 medium sized

Jalapeno peppers – 1 small green ones (2 for hotter)

Crushed salt (not normal table salt) The chunky kind – TO TASTE

Dice tomatoes fine

Dice white onions fine

Chop cilantro fine

Chop garlic fine

Chop Jalapeno peppers fine (remove seeds)

Tajin mexican spice, Valentina hot sauce (optional)


STIR IT UP Then thoroughly squeeze limes in and mix

Add salt and lime to suit your taste

Mix well



Keep adding salt until the flavours start to go BOOM!.

If you don’t add enough salt it will never get that great
flavour. If you don’t add enough lime then it won’t get
that great taste. If you don’t add enough Cilantro you
won’t get that great taste.

This is my Husband’s specialty. We have a few Corona’s with salt and lime while he makes this.
Everyone likes it a little different, so taste test often as you go.


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