Truitt Sandwich – Prosciutto, Swiss, Tomato, Sourdough

This recipe is for the Truitt Sandwich which is our favorite sandwich by far.

This open-faced sandwich not only melts in your mouth but the after-taste is fantastic.

Make sure you follow the ingredients and order of application as below.

Will really impress your guests. Can be cut into pieces when done for appetizers as well!!

Ingredients in order:

Sourdough Bread
Swiss Cheese
Red Pepper Spread
Italian Prosciutto

1) Toast one large piece of sourdough bread and butter it lightly

2) Next add one thin slice of Swiss cheese

3) Spread very thin coat of mayo

4) Spread generous coat of red pepper spread (some prefer making red pepper spread from scratch but not critical)

5) Add thinly cut fresh tomato

6) Sprinkle generous amount of black pepper

7) Finish with large strip of italian prosciutto

Eat with knife and fork, or eat with hands.

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